can’t uninstall ask toolbar – how to uninstall ask toolbar from windows 7

By | July 14, 2013
Ask Toolbar is a commonly used free browser add-on, designed to help users search the web utilizing the search engine directly, from either the Firefox browser or Internet Explorer. However, despite its functions being so vital, it has been reported to cause various problems, hence, it is recommended that you remove it from your PC – including the leftover files and settings that will remain on your system.
How To Uninstall Ask Toolbar Completely
To uninstall the Ask Toolbar, you can apply two techniques. You can either manually remove it or use an automated tool that will carry out the uninstallation process for you. Among the two methods, it has been proven that the automatic way is the most effective process of removing this program. This is because the automated tool is designed to scan through your system and cleanse it without leaving any trace of the program that may have been left.
Manual Removal Of The Ask Toolbar
To start the manual process, you have to select “Start” and then locate “Control Panel”. After that choose “Add & Remove Programs” (for Windows XP) or “Uninstall A Program” (for Windows Vista & 7). Once the Add/Remove Programs applet appears, you have to select “Ask Toolbar”. A series of instructions will be displayed on your screen and you simply have to ensure you follow the procedure. Once you complete the steps, the program will be removed. Note that some files may still be left and so you have to delete these files as well. To perform this task, go to “Start” and then click “My Computer”. After that, select “C:/Program Files/” and then look for the files that Ask Toolbar may have left behind. Once the leftover files are found, click the folder and press “SHIFT + DELETE” to completely remove it from your computer and then reboot your PC. This will most probably uninstall the program and all the files that should go with it.
Automated Removal Of The Ask Toolbar
The second technique is the most preferable way of uninstalling Ask Toolbar for many people. You have to use an automated tool like the “Final Uninstaller”. This program is very easy to use. Start the process by downloading the Final Uninstaller software from the internet, then install it on your computer and then press “Scan”. A list of programs installed on your PC will be shown, and from the list, choose “Ask Toolbar” and mark the check box located on the left side. Afterwards, press “Clean” and the Ask Toolbar program, together with all its files, will be totally removed from your computer.
The last and final step to ensure that your removal process is successful is to clean the registry. This involves using a registry cleaner called “Frontline Registry Cleaner”. The “registry” is a large database where vital files, information and settings are recorded. Windows goes through this database to read the files it needs to load and run your programs. However, the registry sometimes gets corrupted or clogged up – especially when files from an uninstallation process are left over. If this happens, Windows will encounter problems and errors later on, and will not be able to access the needed files required for it to perform its operations smoothly. To solve this issue and prevent future setbacks, you have to download and run a registry cleaning tool in your PC.
You can remove Ask Toolbar from your PC by using the tutorial and tools on our website. You can Click Here to remove the Ask Toolbar from your system.
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