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Fix windows Hp printer problems: the HP 6310 cartridge error

When finishing installing a HP print cartridge, you will sometimes get this error message displayed: “Cartridge error: one or both cartridges are not intended for use in this printer. The device will not print”. In this situation, the computer may not have the have full electrical contact with the printer to print your desired documents… Read More »

How to Speed up Windows 7.

How to Speed up Windows 7. Now everybody knows that Windows 7 is a massive improvement over Windows Vista, but it is still susceptible to go slow on you, so you will want to know how to speed up Windows 7 when it goes slow and gets sluggish. As we are relying on our computers… Read More »

Speed Up Windows Vista in some Easy Steps

Do you maintain your windows Vista regularly? If not, you will get very often some problems like blue screen of death. It’s very annoying when you’re working and haven’t saved the project. Other problems that may happen are slow speeds, it takes forever to start up or shut down, freezing, or even suddenly restart automatically.… Read More »