Know How to Remove “” and What is the “”?

By | November 27, 2012
What is the is a browser hijacker that redirects all Internet inquiries to
it is a malicious program that attaches actual software into PCs. The virus then gets loaded onto systems every time a user boots his computer. can quickly wreck havoc in one’s PC by corrupting files and applications. By running a fake scanning program and showing fabricated scan results, the malware scares users into believing that their computer is close to shutting down because of viruses. It would also block some Windows application, which would make it appear that one’s computer is really being invaded by malwares. It would then present a useless solution — a fraudulent upgrade that they would convince users into buying.
A system which is infected with the virus will automatically start generating as soon as the user starts using the windows. As it is started, within no time it will start displaying the fake alert messages which says that there is error occurred in the hard disk and will ask you to let it scan your computer for which it will ask you to purchase the program stating that it is the only solution to your infected computer. A user should always be aware of such kind of fake antivirus programs and should always avoid purchasing them.
Few of the texts of the errors which are displayed by the virus are: – disk error, serious system error, confirmation for the critical errors occurred in the system; windows are forced to restart etc.
It is highly recommended that the virus should be removed from the system as early as it is detected by the user.