What is Adware generic5.SRC and Easily Remove Adware generic5.SRC From Your PC

By | January 19, 2013
What is Adware generic5.SRC?
Adware generic5.SRC is a very dangerous rogue Antispyware program. this virues is usually promoted through hacked torrent websites which provides free software downloads and free video codecs. The free software or video codec downloaded from these torrent websites are infected with Adware generic5.SRC virus files. Once you open the downloaded files your computer will get automatically infected with Adware generic5.SRC fake antispyware program.
How computer gets infected with Adware generic5.SRC
The infection happens when you visit malicious websites or when you download video codec for your media player. In both the cases you will be redirected to a unknown website which displays fake reports which says your system is infected with Virus, Trojan and Spywares, which are all fake.
How to remove Adware generic5.SRC
Now it is safe and easy to remove this rogue program. Perform a full scan using Free SpyWare removal tool to remove the all the Virus infected files. You can safely remove “Adware generic5.SRC” from your computer using absolutely SpyWare removal tools.
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