What Is The Click2.scour.com Infection and How to Remove the Click2.scour.com?

What Is The Click2.scour.com Infection?
Click2.scour.com is a type of virus, more specifically a “malware” infection. It is a piece of malicious software which deceives users into thinking they have to purchase a bogus upgrade. The program usually provides fake scanning results, tricking the user into thinking that it’s a functional application. In some cases, the user is actually tricked into providing their email. An email attachment is sent and once the file is downloaded the computer gets corrupted. It is strongly advised not to download or use any type of Click2.scour.com program. Regardless of the claims that come along with its advertisement, Click2.scour.com is malicious and should not be trusted.
How To Remove Click2.scour.com?
Another way to stop the Click2.scour.com from corrupting files is to kill its process. To do this, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to open the “Task Manager”. A list of ongoing processes will be shown. Make sure to select the XP Internet Program and then choose “End Process”. Further, users should also remove the XP Internet Security from the computer’s directory. Search for the folder in question and then select the directory. It’s important to press Shift+ Delete when removing directories. This will delete the directory from the system instead of sending it to the recycle bin. Lastly, cleaning out the PC’s registry should help wipe out corrupted and damaged files. Download a reliable PC registry cleaner online and use the program.
You can remove XP Internet Security from your PC by using the tutorial and tool on our website. You can Click Here to remove Click2.scour.com from your system for good.

    How to Remove The Software?(Free Download the Online Windows Scanner)
    1.Restart infected system in safe mode. Get Rid of trojan virus
    2.Open windows task manager and stop all processes running by this infection
    3.Open windows registry editor and remove added registry keys
    4.Locate and delete other files associated with Get Rid of trojan virus
    5.Delete corrupted files and programs (Run a FREE SCAN) and Remove Get Rid of trojan virus
    6.Restart system in normal mode to see the changes

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