What is the Diggerview.com and How to remove the Diggerview.com?

By | January 21, 2013
What is the Diggerview.com?
Diggerview.com is a fake system defragmenter and optimization software. It does not allow you to run any programs or.exe files. This fake software completely hijacks your computer and will prevent you from running any other computer applications. Once inside your computer, it will change the Microsoft windows start up settings. This will allow the fake program to automatically start when you restart your computer. Once started, it will perform computer scanning and hard disk defragmenting process. The scanning is followed by many warnings and error messages. You will be then forced into purchasing the licensed version of Diggerview.com to remove the errors.
How To Remove Diggerview.com
Please perform the following steps to manually remove Diggerview.com fake Antivirus program from your computer.
1. Open Windows Control Panel and uninstall the rogue program.
2. Run the command “regedit” and open windows registry. Then search for “Diggerview.com” and delete it.
You can also remove this rogue program using Spyware Doctor spyware removal software. Spyware Doctor tool will scan your computer for any infected files and will remove it automatically. This method is easy and safe. Please make sure that you update your installed antivirus program after you remove the virus to avoid any future virus infection. You can visit our site to download the most trusted Spyware Doctor software.
Click the following link to learn how to download Spyware Removal tool to Remove Diggerview.com Program and to perform a quick Diggerview.com Removal