Windows 8 Runs Very Slow? – How to Speed Up Windows 8 Quickly and Fast

By | December 7, 2012
If you are looking at ways to speed up windows 8, there are a few useful tips that may help. windows 8 has been built with many added features that were not earlier seen in any of the Windows versions so far. It has gone a huge step further in becoming one of the best operating systems that was ever within the reach of the common man. Everything was assembled and built with one thing in mind – speed and efficiency should be at such comfortable levels that would give satisfaction to all users.
1. Remove unneeded programs from the Startup process to speed up Windows Vista. By making sure only programs that are needed are being loaded into RAM memory and run in the background. Removing items from the Startup process will help keep the computer from ‘bogging down’ with too many applications running at the same time in the background.
2. Disable or turn down the Aero graphics features to speed up Windows Vista. Though Vista’s graphics features are great, they are also resource hogs. To speed up Windows Vista, disable or reduce the number of resources allowed for Aero use. To do this, open a command prompt window and type ‘systempropertiesperformance’. On the Visual Effects tab, uncheck the box – ‘Animate Windows when minimizing and maximizing’.
3.Run a Registry Cleaner software: this kind of software will delete all the registry entry which you are not using anymore.
These 3 steps will help you to speed up windows 8 and become more productive during your workday.
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